Frequently Asked Questions

It’s good to have questions as it indicates how invested you are in your child’s education. Here is everything you need to know to understand us better.

  1. Real School is an online-only school. Your kid can take the sessions in the comfort and safety of your home
  2. The offices of RS are however present in Mumbai, Noida, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore

Once enrolled, our trainer conducts a brief evaluation of the student in an interactive session that helps us understand the suitable level to start the student’s journey

  1. Unlike in traditional schools where they are dependent on local talent for filling in the roles of teachers, RS hires talented tech-savvy teacher candidates from across India
  2. Our trainers hold a diploma in teaching the Montessori method in an online mode

  1. For ages 3-6, we conduct 2 hours per day, and 5 days a week
  2. For ages 6-12, there are 3 hours of classes, 5 days a week.

  1. Be it Montessori or traditional way of teaching, an online mode is inefficient if the teacher-to-student ratio is more than 1:8 as it is practically impossible to manage the class or interact and pay attention to every child
  2. However, even if the traditional schools take their class online with a small batch size of 1:5, the core methodology is still rote and abstract learning with no hands-on connection to the real world. Further, even if the teacher is able to pay attention to every child, the learning requirement is not met
  3. So, it primarily depends on which school and what pedagogy will work most efficiently in the online mode
  4. And so, the inherent structure of RS makes it the best choice when selecting an online school because
    • It provides flexible timing
    • Students attend the sessions in the comfort of their home
    • The hands-on methodology ensures minimum screen time unlike in those where learning can happen only when learners keep staring at the screen
    • The camera setup and control by a teacher at RS puts the learner in a natural setting
    • There’s no load of bags on their shoulder
    • There’s no wastage of time in traveling
    • There’s no unnecessary spending by parents on infrastructure that is hardly contributing to the education
    • You are not limited to the local area talent pool for teachers
    • Students from different cities, regions, social and cultural settings attend together giving it a truly global experience
    • 100% coed without the nuances of it; as thought of in some culture
    • Physical safety and security is at peak
    • There is no fear of bullying common in offline schools which has long-term psychological damage

Every student gets a student portal that contains day-wise instructions which the trainer will anyways be conducting in the class

  1. In a traditional school flow of the sessions is determined by the syllabus that is to be covered. If a student is absent, a considerable topic is missed bby the student
  2. However, in Montessori schools, the emphasis is not on covering a syllabus topic to meet the teachers’ deadline, and so the same topic will be repeated in more than one way to help the child internalize it thoroughly

In such rare cases, we can shift this student in another batch that is running at the child’s pace.

  1. Unlike traditional schools that are based on a fixed academic cycle, the academic year at the Real School is highly flexible as it does not depend strictly on the natural age of the child
  2. New batches start every month and they get booked 2-3 months in advance