What Makes us Best

Dedicated Personal Trainers
1:6 Teacher-student class ratio
India’s best teachers
Material based education
Authentic Montessori curriculum

Our Montessori-Inspired Philosophy

  • Focuses on educating the whole child.
  • Follows the whole child’s individual educational
    interests and needs.
  • Helps develop child’s self esteem, confidence,
    and sense of order.
  • Fosters child’s love of learning.

And Parents Witness Real Change

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Montessorri School Programs We Offer

Pre-Primary School
3-6 yrs
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Elementary School
6-12 yrs
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Secondary School
12-15 yrs
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Real School - After School
After school programs where kids find new hobbies

Who runs the show: Directess or Teachers?

Montessori teachers are called Directress for their role is not to just to teach, but to guide the student in the class and beyond, into a confident individual. While teachers teach, a Directress does many things She guides, observes, challenges, contradicts, advises, and collaborates with the child. There is a difference, you will know when you meet them!

Meet the Directress of Real School?

NMAC Certified
AMI Certified
Emaester Certified

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