Genealogy and History 9 - 15 years

Find Your Ancestors: Session 1

Genealogy and History 9 - 15 years

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What is the Workshop About?

-A session in two series, that introduces a dynamic, upcoming field of study called Family history. -Here kids are exposed to thought processes that they carry forward in life to understand how ideas and practices change with evolving times in our world. -We spend time with our own cultural histories that get lost with passing generations. -We look at challenges and struggles of our own ancestral past, and understand how they shape our shifting lifestyles(economic, professional, cultural).

Sounds good, but what will I be able to do better after attending the session?

-Learn how to gather information through visual references around us. -Create a foundation for comparing and analysing shifts in world practices. -Become more thoughtful, sensitive and observant of our own life experiences. - Articulate and express ideas in new, creative and informative ways.

Seems like a lot on the plate! How do you make sure I keep up?

- Trajectory of the series follows a systematic buildup of themes: To introduce an idea first, then delving deeper, followed by exploring sub-ideas that are connected, to finally creating original thought around learnings. - Learnings are spread between in-class time and after-class time to give breath and space for learners to absorb and apply what they learn - After the first session, learners will be working on small projects like gathering stories, selecting archives in their homes for a game we play in second lesson of the series, etc. - During the second session, all learnings are connected and build on the foundational knowledge we created during the first session.

What are some highlights of the session

Building our own family tree Write a journal-like enquiry Narrate real life stories Make a postable Postcard

Why Study a Topic Like this?

- Study of Family history and World Culture is increasingly included in new age curriculums. - It brings historic, social, economical and cultural fields of study together and helps learners create a strong foundation that fosters clear thinking and expression of ideas. - This happens by finding ways to relate to a given information, and thus form critical ways of analysing and articulating them.

How Do I prepare for the Session

1. Watch this video: 2. A knowledge/list of following names from your family: your sibling, your parents, your uncle and aunts (parent’s siblings) your grandparents (paternal and maternal)

How to attend this class?


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