Story telling 7 - 9 years

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

Story telling 7 - 9 years

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What is this Masterclass about?

Learning from mistakes is an important part of growing up. Experimenting, taking risks, making mistakes and having fun is what our next masterclass is about. Welcome to the wonderful world of Storytelling and Get ready to be mesmerised ! In this masterclass we will get to know about a girl who NEVER EVER made a mistake. This visual storytelling session has interesting pictures that is sure to excite the kids. By the end of the session, children learn a very important lesson. It is ok to make mistakes. What is important is that they tried and gave their best shot. Learn from your mistakes, let go, laugh, and enjoy the ride.

What are the highlights of this Masterclass?

This masterclass aims at educating children valuable life lessons that are important for their overall growth and development - Responsibility for their actions is one such example. It also teaches them another important life lesson - the importance of learning from one’s mistakes. The storytelling medium also proves to be an effective tool that improves listening, as well as communication of a child. The storytelling methodology used in this masterclass coupled with the ethical value aspect of the same, plays a vital role in the holistic development of a child.

How do I prepare for this Masterclass?

No prior preparation is required for this session.

What are the key takeaways?

"By introducing children to the art of story-telling, the masterclass equips children not only valuable listening and communication skills, but also structured thought process. Understanding the beginning, middle and the end, as well as the characters plays an important role in the analytical thinking of a child. The story-telling methodology allows for children to empathize and how to deal with practical problems such as self-criticism. It equips children to mentally prepare themselves for their lives as adults, as it also teaches them the importance of self-acceptance. The medium of storytelling is an engaging and exciting one that allows children to build their creativity, inquisitiveness, and communication skills"

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