Scientific Aptitude - Physical Sciences 9 - 14 years

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Scientific Aptitude - Physical Sciences 9 - 14 years

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What is this Masterclass about?

Lo and behold - the world of animals! A really fun place to be, isn’t it? In this masterclass, we will enter the beautiful minds of different animals, how they live, adapt and learn to use their instincts in order to survive, and apply it to the our fun-learning activity at the end, where kids will be made to create their own creature based on their behavioural, instinctive and physical attributes! Join us, as we explore the exciting characteristics of animals and create our own creature!

What are the highlights of this Masterclass?

The children are taken through various components of the session - including the tropical rainforest, tundra regions, desserts and polar regions. Some of the highlights include learning about instinctive, behavioral, and physical attributes of different creatures that help them survive in unique climatic conditions. The teaching methodology employed is highly enquiry based, and involves constant interaction between the students throughout. The learning is also hands-on, where students are required to create their own creatures in an interactive group discussion session at the end of the session, based on their learning.

How do I prepare for this Masterclass?

"The children must come prepared having read the following dockette (google site) which contains the four habitats that will be dealt with in the session - Children must also bring with them a notebook and a pen"

What are the key takeaways?

The masterclass exposes children to animal diversity, the different animal kingdoms, and habitats as a concept. This session uses elements of science and creativity, both of which enables children to think logically and critically. Children understand how to practically apply their acquired knowledge to an activity and learn how to create their own creature, an exercise that increases their global awareness, as well.

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